Westerton Primary Parent Council members meet at least once a term to discuss issues affecting the school and children. It allows parents the chance to express their views and work with the school to ensure all children receive the best possible school experience. 

The Parent Council is composed of both parent members & members of staff. 

If you wish to contact Westerton Primary Parent Council our email address is:   westertonpc@gmail.com

Below is some information on the role of the Parent Council and also links to the newsletters issued by the National Parent Forum of Scotland and the Scottish Parent Teacher Council. 

Parent Council Representatives are as follows:

Primary Name
Primary 1 Jennifer Leiper 
Primary 2 Scott Walker
Primary 3 Linn Olsen (Co-Chair)
Primary 4 Caroline Smith
Primary 5 Scott Walker
Primary 6 Susan Johnston (Co-Chair)
Primary 7 Reema Nayak
- Ross McKenzie (Clerk)